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Buy THCP Flowers in Australia Our flowers are grown with care and expertise, ensuring superior quality with every harvest. We select specific strains that contain higher levels of THCP, providing a unique and potentially more intense experience for consumers.

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What is THCP? THCP, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabiphoral, is a cannabinoid found in very low concentrations in the cannabis plant. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the same way as THC, but with a much higher affinity for cannabinoid receptors. Studies have shown that THCP binds to CB1 receptors up to 33 times more often than traditional THC, meaning it can be up to 33 times more potent than THC. THCP is distinguished by its longer alkyl side chains, with a longer chain of carbon atoms than traditional THC. This allows it to attach more securely to receptors throughout the body. Thus, a much lower amount of THCP is required to impact the various functions regulated by the endocannabinoid system than to achieve the same effect with THC. Potential Uses and Benefits of THCP Because THCP is still a relative newcomer to the cannabis world, there are currently few studies beyond the observations made by the team of researchers who discovered it. Despite this, there is real interest in the available evidence and potential medical applications. THCP may offer more effective pain relief to patients requiring high levels of THC for their treatment, such as those currently using THCP in the fight against cancer in the USA. Higher levels of THCP could also produce sedative effects similar to high doses of THC, offering the potential to quell insomnia or relieve intractable pain. However, it should be noted that there is not yet strong evidence regarding the exact effect of THCP, or which cannabis strains might contain higher levels of this cannabinoid. Additionally, although many testimonials describe THCP as having a more potent or "pronounced" effect compared to THC, there is no definitive evidence confirming that this cannabinoid is indeed more potent when consumed. Further research is needed to further our understanding of the specific effects of THCP and its potential medical benefits.
Sour Diesel Pre-Roll – HHC, D8, THCP Blend – Fresh – 4000mg
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